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    Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP)...
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    Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) Crediential, ever heard of it?

    Is anyone familiar with the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) certification provided by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice?  And if you have a QEP certification, what are the benefits?  




    • Lauren617

      Hi Patrick,

      I can't speak to the benefits of QEP certification, but I can tell you that a survey we conducted ia few years ago showed that only about 2% of environmental professionals have obtained the QEP certification. The survey was of 432 EPs nationwide in the summer of 2005.The most common certifications among respondents were Pro Geologist (15%), Registered Environmental Assessor (9%), Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (8%), Asbestos-related certifications (8%), and Pro Engineer(6%).  

      Hope this is helpful!

      • Joshua

        Okay, that's 48%...what were the other 52%? Was it a bunch of local certification (too numerous to mention) or were many simply not certified at all?

        • Lauren617

          Respondents were allowed to choose multiple certifications, if applicable. In total, 57% had some sort of professional certification. The other 43% were not certified. Several had mulitlpe certifications...say for instance certification in asbestos inspection and lead inspection.

          We did this survey right before the AAI rule was published. It would be interesting to do this again to see how things have changed. Are more people going after their PE/PG due to AAI's EP definition requiring fewer years experience for those professionals?