Best place to get a sandwich?
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    Best place to get a sandwich?

    While on the road, I love finding the diamond in the rough sandwich shop-- you know, the one that has awesome sandwiches, but you would never know about it unless you were a local. I was hoping you all can recommend great quality/value sandwich shops that really stand out. If possible, please share the shop's name, city and the can't-miss sandwich.


    As for my suggestion…..Hit the Firehouse Deli on Reef Road in Fairfield, CT and order the Thanksgiving Day Special--Fresh turkey, cranberry, mayo, and stuffing on a hard roll. Solid.



    • RWhite

      When I worked for ESRI, I spent most of my time in New Jersey with AT&T Bell Labs.  There was a group of us that would head out at least every few weeks to Harold's New York Deli.  They have amazing deli sandwiches, a pickle bar (very unique), and HUGE slices of cake.

      We always went to the one in Edison, NJ.  Odd, because there was one close by in East Brunswich.  I don't remember why.


    • Mark Wallace

      There is nothing better than a great sandwich when you are on the road.   Here are a couple of my favorites in Massachusetts.  In Woburn, there is a place called Marco's Italian Cold Cuts that makes a great meatball sub.  In Waltham, there is a neighborhood place called Fulcinetti's that I go to every time I am there.   Everything is good, but the chicken parmesan sub is one of the best I have ever had.  Anyone who visits either of these will be very pleased. 

    • mbruns
      If you ever find yourself in or near Beverly, MA.  Stop in at Nick's Famou's Roast Beef.  They have the best hot roast beef sandwhich EVER.  Get the dinner platter and they will throw in some fries and onion rings to top it off.  I prefer a 2-way (sauce and cheese) but you can go 3-way and they'll add mayo if that's your thing.  Definitely worth a stop.
      • PMerolla
        There is a place in Port Chester, NY called Pat's Hubba Hubba. If you like chili on any type of sandwich, this place is the best! For first timers, I recommend the Chili Cheese Dog Wedge, Chili Cheeseburger Wedge, and large Chili Cheese Fries. I stopped in last Sunday and ordered a Steak and Chili Cheese Wedge. Everything there is very good. It is open late night, has reasonable prices, and pretty quick service. It is some of the best chili I have ever had.
    • bdearborn


      I too like to find good sandwiches.  a while back i found an article about "best sandwiches" in the US.  I have been checking them off on a semi regular basis.

      Unranked, unimpeachable, and incomplete, Esquire’s coast-to-coast list of the finest meals on sliced bread. No burgers allowed.

    • Scott

      Seattle -  Grinders hot sandwiches, on Aurora.  I had the Gilbano first, but everything's been good.

      • boag97
        Lolitas. 21 Spring Street. Right across from Paddington Station. Get a Doner and stand on the street outside watching the world go by. They have line ups from 11am to 2am.
      • wheat1

        Have you been to Salumi?  309 Third Ave South.  Went there today (after EDR event no less!) and had the best meatball sandwich I think I've ever had...

        • bdearborn
          I have been to's Mario Batali's father's place.  I bet it beat the box lunch that we provided!  i haven't had the meatball sanwich, but i have had their Porchetta sandwich. iI was awesome.  Now i have another reason to go back. 
        • Jwalker

          This past week, I took a morning flight home from Hobby Airport in Houston where I was the recipient of a real treat-- a breakfast burrito from Papacito's. Best one I have had in a long time, if not ever. I highly recommend grabbing one if you are flying to or from Hobby in the AM.

          • dezovski

            One of my favorite sandwich places while traveling through airports is Potbelly's.  It is a chain but there is one at Midway Airport in Chicago (Southwest flies through Midway).  Their sandwiches are simple but on fresh bread, with fresh ingredients and are made to order (which at an airport these days is pretty rare).  Oh yeah, and they are quite reasonably priced!

            • JPirrello

              A great deli is Gaetano's in Stratford, Ct. They have unbelievable sandwiches. All of the cheese's, meats, and rolls are delivered fresh every morning from Arthur Ave. Six dollars gets you a grinder that can pass for two meals. The only problem is the sandwiches are addicting. If ever in the area check this place out.

              • Larry

                Gaetano's in Stratford, CT is great and so is Nick&Sal's in Bridgeport, CT but my favorite sandwiches are "The Booch" (roast beef, asparagus and provolone) from Sarcone's in Philly and the Pastrami or Corned Beef from Manny's in Chicago. You also can never go wrong with a Philly Cheessteak from Pat's (stay away from Gino's!) in Philly.

                Also, if you're ever in Bridgeport on a Saturday between 11am-1pm, stop in Testo's on upper Madison Avenue for the best Porketta and Roast Beef sandwiches around. My dad started taking me there when I was about 5 and I still go. Get there early because they do sell out!

                • MudShark

                  My dad first brought me to Testo's too. Then I started to bring my friends with me. We would all meet at my house to per-game, I down the road. Anyway, my friends and I went there 23 weeks in a row. And then they were closed for a holiday. I mean we really like that roast beef. We moved vacations around Saturday mornings. Great, I want one now and it's only Thursday. 

                  • Sarah

                    I am super fond of the Rawvolution on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA.  All the food is fresh - never cooked, never frozen.  It is great for folks new to the raw food movement.  I has "egg" salad sandwich the last time I was there.

                    Try it!  Raw can revolutionize one's health.  The vibration in the food is that much higher.

                • SWHITTING

                  Riverside Patty in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

                  • LarryT

                    go for the world's best steaksandwich at  Lou's on Main Street in norristown, pennsylvania.   It is close to the ASTM HQ in Conshocken, PA in case you're there for seminars.

    • Scott J. Dahlgren
      If you are in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, Amighetti's is the place to get a great sandwich.  In the Kansas City/Lawrence area, I like Yellow Sub/Planet Sub, and they are starting to franchise to more places.  Normally, in my experience, it goes downhill when that happens, but I have had the original and in 3 different cities and the quality is always great.
    • Mark S.

      Hey there.  I'm hoping to revive this discussion and get some sandwich shop suggestions for travel this month.  I'm in Atlanta, so going to MA and IL  in February isn't really high on my list...but. if I can get a great sandwich on a poor EP's budget then I guess I'm doing OK.

      So, Springfield MA and Vernon Hills, IL.  Got ideas?

      • Mark S.
        Come on Chicagoland - where's that hot little place!?!  It doesn't have to be sandwich.  Greek, Italian, Mexican or other specialities will do. Near or north of O'Hare would be good.
      • Roger_Well

        I live in the Chicago area so if this reply is not too late, I hope it helps.

        So, while in Chicago, forgo the sandwich and get a Chicago style hot dog.  Yes, there is such a thing.  Basically, it should be a beef dog with all the toppings including almost everything you can grow in a garden.  Make sure you have a plate and a fork.  Also, don't ask for ketchup, only mustard is allowed here!!


        • Roger_Well
          And Mark, you will find a Portillos in most burbs and  the city.

        • Mark S.
          Thanks, I'll be there next week, so you are in time.   I'll give a quick review!
        • Mark S.

          I made the Chicago trip and did get to the Portillo's Hot Dog place in Vernon Hills (less than a mile from the site).  I got the "everything" dog + chili on top.  It was definitely a knife and fork deal - and way different from what we get for hot dogs in Atlanta (even at the "Chicago" places.  Great onion rings too.  Thanks for the tip - and I'll see you on down the road!

      • jwatson
        Portillo's for an Italian Beef in Vernon Hills. It's located on Highway 60 near the mall.  Can't miss it.  If you like spicy food, get the hot peppers on it.
    • Mark S.

      ROAD FOOD!

      The recommendations for hot dogs and Italian Beef in Chicago was right on point.  Great Stuff.

      Tomorrow takes me El Centro, CA via San Diego.  Coincidentally, I saw a "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on Food Network for a San Diego place:  Hob Knob Hill ( ).  So by the time I land tomorrow it will be supper time in Atlanta.  I'm gonna swing by for a meal, with a to-go box for a late night snack (EST) in El Centro.

      Wild shot:  Anybody got a recommendation in El Centro?

      • bhannan
        Just found out I'm going to be in New Hampshire in July.  Looking forward to several pit stops into the Earl of Sandwich in Lincoln.  Nothing to look at, fabulous sandwiches (including an amazing Rueben), nothing to look at, and a PacMan table people jockey to snag.  Bonus: a short walk up the road is a walk up ice cream stand simply called Ice Cream Parlor.  The best homemade packed ice cream ( chocolate peanut butter like no other) for absurdly low prices.  
        • Lauren617
          How 'bout the Earl of Scanwich? I came across this entertaining article in the Washington Post about a graphic designer in NYC who scans cross sections of sandwiches and posts them in his blog. Proof that there is a blog for EVERYTHING! Check it out if you want some great ideas for a more unique lunch tomorrow.  Warning to those of you who missed lunch today...this might make you hungry.