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    HUD Phase I ESA
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    HUD Phase I ESA

    We've been asked to perform a Phase I ESA in support of NEPA review and preparation of a HUD Environmental Review Rercord.  I'm not very familiar with HUD requirements for a Phase I, but it looks like ASTM E1527-05 is sufficient.  I see that HUD's MAP guidance also requires the Vapor Encroachment Screen from ASTM E2600-10.  This isn't a MAP project, but we'll probably include the screen anyway.

    Are there any other HUD requirements that go beyond ASTM E1527-05 and ASTM E2600-10 that we should consider?




    • geodc

      I've never completed a HUD Phase I, but I previously did some research for a proposal. I'm not sure what your client specifically wants, but I would refer you to HUD Form 4128 at HUD, similar to the FCC or FHA, combines the property transaction process with NEPA requirements for federal funding. The form includes many components beyond the scope of a Phase I ESA, such as review of ecological and cultural impact and noise survey. One question I would ask is whether completion of this form is a requirement.