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    Mark Wallace
    My Last Blog....
    Entry posted December 29, 2009 by Mark WallaceElite Contributor 
    My Last Blog....

    Can you believe it?  2010.  When is the last time you have reflected on the fact that 10 years or 3,650 days, have flown by since the millennium?   To me, it is awfully hard to fathom as I write my last blog of 2009.   Do you ever find yourself saying "If only we could just roll back the clock"? 

    10 years ago today, I was working for a conference company where we ran many conferences and expositions on then emerging technologies such as  Y2K, the Internet, Sales Force Automation, and one that had a very short shelf life at the time, B2B.    Specifically, our Y2K conference reached new heights in popularity in '99.  We made millions of dollars by facilitating events that educated IT professionals on how they needed to prepare to ensure that computers, systems, and networks all over the globe were Y2K compliant and their companies had contingency plans in the event of a disaster.   On the eve of the millennium, I stood outside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas at 11:59, kissed my wife, and said let's hope to god the only thing that goes off in a minute are fireworks.  And that is what happened, believe it or not, 10 years ago.  Y2K was over.

    For most of us, we went into the millennium on a high.   The economy was in a great place.  Optimism was strong.  All kind of new technologies were reshaping business.  Commercial real estate was booming.   In hindsight, things were pretty darned good.

    To say things have changed is an understatement.   Recently, the word optimistic is often the trailer behind the words "I am trying to remain".   Many of us could chalk this year up as one of the more challenging years in our lives.    And, there seems to be a whole new wave of technology coming through that we now need to try to figure out in a spare time such as web2.0, cloud computing, virtual desktops, and social media.   Ways of doing business that we may have embraced 10 years ago have evolved, and that means we need to find time to evolve too.   

    As Alexander Graham Bell said, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."   There is no better time to start preparing ourselves and our companies for the next 10 years than January 1st.  If you don't yet have one or more New Year's business resolutions, perhaps these suggestions might be helpful:

    • Budget 30 minutes a day during, before, or after hours educating yourself on what market leading companies are doing well today
    • Set up an RSS feed for news and content that is relevant for your industry
    • Spend time learning and experimenting with social media technology and tactics
    • Upgrade your cell phone to a PDA whether you want to or not- the world will be more mobile everyday and iPhones, Android, and Blackberry's are a requirement moving forward
    • Throw away, or file away, all old paperwork, magazines, and stuff, you no longer use
    • Clean out your inbox and organize or delete old emails
    • Attend some face to face events in addition to online events. There is no replacement for the focused networking time and learning when you do not have the office distractions.

    These are pretty basic suggestions, but sometimes we need to go back to basics.  Business will come back at some point.  Here's to making sure we are prepared to handle it in the most efficient and impactful way when it does.

    Season's Greetings and best wishes for a successful 2010! 

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