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    Proper language to incorporte VI screen into Phase I...
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    Proper language to incorporte VI screen into Phase I proposal!

    Hello Commonground,

    I have a client who is looking to incorporate VI into their proposals for Phase Is, but are concerned as to the most appropriate way to do this.

    The E-2600 guidelines for VI note 4 tiers in the methodology, however not all 4 tiers may be warranted for a given project. My client is concerned as to how to avoid any ambiguity on how much of the 4 VI tiers they will be responsible for if incorporating into the Phase I.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or examples of language used for including VI as a potential scope in their proposal?� As well, any other thoughts and advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Jim Pepe



    • abuonicore
      In my view, what might or might not be included in the vapor intrusion scope of work added to the Phase I should reflect the client's risk tolerance. For example, clients with a very low risk tolerance (such as many of the box stores) might include both Tier 1 and Tier 2 screening in the VI scope of work.

      If a pVIC is identified after VI screening, the client (working with the EP) will need to make a decision about whether to proceed to Tier 3 (VIC confirmation), or proceed to Tier 4 (pre-emptive mitigation), or choose some other alternative. For this reason, in my view, clients interested in adding vapor intrusion to their Phase I scope of work should develop a pVIC strategy BEFORE the Phase I is conducted. The strategy should focus on what would be done if a pVIC is identified in the screening.