Jay Gaines
    Robert F. Kennedy to head EPA?
    Topic posted November 7, 2008 by Jay GainesSuper Contributor, last edited January 19, 2012 
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    Robert F. Kennedy to head EPA?
    Huffington Post reports that Obama may be considering tapping longtime environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr. to head the EPA. Here's the article.



    • dcrocker
      Rumors are definitely circulating. I heard at our NYC DDD Wed that Obama's looking at Katie McGinty to head the EPA. She chaired the Council on Envl Quality in the Clinton White House. We'll find out soon enough.
      • dcrocker
        It's official. Obama picked NJ DEP to head U.S. EPA. Could be good sign for industry that he went with an environmental agency head in a state like NJ that faces serious contaminated site issues and not someone from a state like Montana, Idaho or Alaska who may not be as focused on site assessment and cleanup efforts.