Content of drums may shed light on mysterious Le Roy illness
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    Content of drums may shed light on mysterious Le Roy illness

    Last week you may have read a blog post about a group of teenagers in Le Roy, New York who all became afflicted with a neurological illness that causes facial tics and uncontrollable verbal outbursts. Parents and the Le Roy community are stumped as the cause of the illness, but many suspect that it is somehow tied to a 1970 train derailment that spilled hazardous waste materials.

    Some clues to the mystery might begin to reveal themselves now that the EPA is investigating the contents of large drums of soil and rock dug out from the area of the spill. The derailment unleashed an unknown amount of dangerous chemicals—cyanide and TCE—into the surrounding area.

    According to Ben Beagle of The Daily News, “TCE ended up in the water table and bedrock along Gulf Road. EPA and state Department of Environmental Conservation testing done in the 1990s showed a plume of TCE groundwater contamination had spread almost 4 miles the east and southeast of the accident scene…”

    It’s very likely that the polluted groundwater reached the land the teens’ school sits on. What isn’t clear is how the water could have harmed the students since the school is hooked up to a public water system and does not draw any water from the property. Parents and environmental activist Erin Brockovich are frustrated that a proper site assessment was never performed; water testing and vapor extraction test were never done on the school’s land.


    The drums, which have sat untested since the toxic waste removal after the spill, are now finally going to be examined to determine what exactly they contain. Once that information is known, health officials will know if any other contaminants were released during the spill and if perhaps they can be attributed to the strange illness. Once officials know the contents of the barrels, they can also determine where to properly dispose of them.

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    • manno

      I know that this is just a snapshot of the events.....but could you provide some further info....

      The drums have been untested since the waste "removal"? How long was that? Where were the drums? 

      Who left the drums?

      • kthibs
         Manno, I just read a blog today that talks more about the drums. http://blogs.democratandchronicle.com/watchdog/?p=1314
    • manno

      This whole affair sounds like a real fiasco.

      EPA says in their release:

      .....The barrels are located on the LeHigh Valley Railroad Derailment Superfund Site in LeRoy.  The derailment occurred Dec. 26, 1970. In a recent appearance with Dr. Drew Pinsky on cable's HLN, environmental activist Erin Brockovich suggested the contamination from the derailment may be playing role in causing the conversion disorder -- the tics and twitches -- affecting several students at LeRoy High School.

      U.S. Representative Kathy Hochul, and Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday announced the EPA would remove the barrels from that site by the end of February......

      I am very thankful today..................that this is not my project!!!