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    Mark Wallace
    Setting the Record Straight
    Entry posted October 6, 2008 by Mark WallaceElite Contributor 
    Setting the Record Straight

    For many years now, I have talked with leadership teams at top organizations about their “social networking” fears.    One concern that continuously comes up is this belief that online “social networks” and “communities” will replace human interaction. 

    So, I would like to set the record straight.  This could not be further from the actual truth – although some great marketers and creative agencies get paid well to craft campaigns to create the fear that might happen.

    The online channel is simply the third leg of the “How people interact” stool joining face to face and over the phone.   Expect that with advances in social technology, such as twitter, yammer, web conferences , videos, podcasts, etc.  (Note – most of this technology has conceptually been around for many years and what is new is the packaging), we will still interact in the same three ways.

    I recall watching a Deloitte presentation that addressed it.   And, the results were as expected – that although online socializing is a key activity, in person socializing is still primary.   The Creating Passionate Users blog titled Face-to-Face Trumps Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Video  hits the nail on the head.

    My expectation is that the today's technologies will undoubtedly make it easier for employees, companies, family members, friends, alumni groups, etc. to have richer interactions, especially the next time they meet face to face or talk on the phone.

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