symbol on USGS topo map
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    symbol on USGS topo map

    A colleague just asked me this....what are the "x"s along the lines?  My best guess was spot elevations, but there aren't any numbers next to them.  This is an old map ~1929.  





    • Scott J. Dahlgren

      Acording to a map legend I got from here some time ago from another discussion, that appears to be a barbed-wire fence.

    • geogavino

      "X-lines" are a standard symbol on construction drawings for fences. I think that the USGS used a dashed line for fencelines now, but maybe that changed at some point.

    • Emily B

      I agree with the above - my guess would be fences.  My second choice might be power or phone lines, but depending on location that might have been unlikely in 1929.

      A handy link to bookmark is for USGS map symbols.  It's not particularly helpful in this situation, but it's a good reference for others who might visit this topic and not know about it.

    • geochemistry

      Working as a riverguide in the Big Bend of Texas, a guest deeply engrossed with studying my topo maps asked me "What is this feature 'fen-ce-li-na'?"  "Fen-ce-li-na?" I had never heard of it or noted it on the map.  I asked to look, and there on a definite line with "X's" was the word "Fenceline".  Just a wrong pronunciation.  So I'm certain those are fenced pastures.  Enjoy!

    • lastone

      I agree.  Having done a lot of work in Texas, this was commonly used to denote a barbed wire fence.