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    Are We Hibernating ?
    Entry posted January 14, 2009 by mkulkaElite Contributor , last edited January 19, 2012
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    Are We Hibernating ?

    Posted by Mike Kulka

    Is it just me or has traffic decreased on Commonground?  Was it the holiday lull ?  Is this a long hangover from celebrating the passing 2008 ?  2009 is here and our country and the environmental profession is more challenged than ever.  Now is not the time to go dormant.   Add your opinion, make your suggestion, share your glory or pain or tell us (or me) we are crazy.  This site is like marriage and will continue like marriage vows in good times and in bad.   We may evolve from industry environmental manager, to government regulator, to consultant, legal professional, to bank risk manager, data vendor, etc.  I have been guilty myself of going dormant.  It has been over three weeks since I added to this site.  I personally committed to posting every two weeks when I accepted this challenge.  I am an optimistic person and have struggled to craft positive material.   The holiday honeymoon is over and we will find positive.  The inauguration is next week.  Whether you are to the left, right or numerous areas in between there are changes coming.  How does this effect us ?  What can we find positive ?  Whether it is the stimulus plan, the remainder of the bailout, the fact that thinking green and sustainability is hotter than ever or the fact that spring is not too far away (it is 11 degrees as I post this in Michigan) there are good reasons to look up.  

    The Environmental Banker's Association winter gathering will occur in Charlotte, NC early next week.  Industry leaders will discuss several issues leading our profession into the next chapter.  I will (not hope to) provide positive feedback from this gathering. 

    Happy New Year and lets make this New Year Happy. 



    • bhannan

      On my short list of what I found to be great about 2008 you'll find your name. I'm not lying when I say that. You discovered commonground some months back, grabbed hold of what we are trying to accomplish and haven't stopped contributing, responding and providing valuable insights ever since. (Can I clone you a few times over?)You agreed to blog and have consistently delivered a candid and powerful point of view (this post is a good example).

      While the holiday season certainly slowed traffic through our front door for a bit, activity around the community just before then was quite brisk. I checked the numbers and in the last month and a half of 2008, we saw a 46% increase in our total membership -- which was exciting for us. We seem to be hitting our stride again this week. Just today we exceeded more than 3,000 discussion posts.

      But you couldn't be more right. The hibernation season is officially over. There are lots of reasons for us all to collectively kick it into gear right now, get invloved, and use this site to make things happen. We'll be sending out a newsletter to all members next week which should put us front and center on everyone's radar.

      Meanwhile, we'll be looking forward to you sharing the latest of what comes out of the EBA event next week.

    • dezovski

      I too will be attending the EBA conference this week and hope to see some positive news. Unfortunately, this sector of banks has been the most hard hit. Hopefully we will be able to help our fellow industry colleagues manage through this difficult time.

      I think the unfreezing of January is starting to occur...hopefully next week will continue this trend.