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commonground University environmental courses are designed to broaden and deepen knowledge to help you and your team deliver higher quality work and enhance your reputation. Our online environmental courses are structured to allow maximum flexibility to complete materials on a schedule that doesn't interfere with billable hours, while still maintaining a social and facilitated learning environment. 

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Upcoming Course Schedule 
Course Name Start Dates  Duration & Fee
ASTM E1527-13 Phase I ESA March 21, 2016

4 Weeks

ASTM E2600-10 Vapor Encroachment
TBA 3 Weeks

Environmental Due Diligence:
Principles & Practice

March 28, 2016 6 Weeks
Property Condition Assessments March 21, 2016 6 Weeks



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1) Note that in the actual course, you'll be able to pause narration and navigate through the slides with greater ease.
2) All of the course material and notes are also downloadable.

commonground Online Environmental Courses

ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments  

This is the online version of ASTM's popular in-person course. The online environmental course is facilitated by the same ASTM instructors who have trained thousands of environmental consultants. Learn why the ASTM Environmental Site Assessment Standard Practices for the Phase I Site Assessment was developed, how to use the standard, and how the standard affects the way you do business.  You will gain an understanding of the "Innocent Landowner Defense" under the CERCLA, and why due diligence is necessary.  The course reflects the ASTM E1527-13 standard and discusses EPA's AAI rule.

environmental courses, online environmental courses environmental consultants

Learn more about ASTM E 1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


ASTM E2600-10 Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transaction Online Course

Vapor encroachment into the subsurface of a property involved in a real estate transaction can potentially create significant issues for the deal. The methodology in the ASTM E2600-10 Standard Guide for Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions was developed for use by environmental professionals conducting due diligence to facilitate screening a property for a possible vapor encroachment condition (VEC). This course is adapted for the web from ASTM's brick & mortar course, which has been given in cities across the country. 

Learn more about the ASTM E2600 Online Course

environmental courses, online environmental courses environmental consultants

Environmental Due Diligence: Principles & Practices

This online environmental course will help you handle the broad range of issues that arise when performing any type of environmental due diligence. You will learn the most current procedures for conducting investigations and acquire skills for interpreting and communicating your findings. Also, you will learn best practices from sharing insights and experiences with peers and experts in interactive forums. By taking this course, you will be up-to-date on current trends in environmental due diligence.

environmental courses, online environmental courses environmental consultants

Learn more about Environmental Due Diligence: Principles & Practices



Property Condition Assessments

This online course will expand your understanding of physical due diligence by conveying real world ideas and current market practices. You will receive unmatched content from market leaders that will give you a competitive edge to help you earn more business. You'll be better equipped to produce superior reports with greater confidence, reducing liability for you and your firm. The course will broaden and deepen your PCA knowledge. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate displaying your credentials.

environmental courses, online environmental courses environmental consultants

Learn more about Property Conditions Assessments



Environmental Courses - Testimonials

"This is a good basic Phase I course, but would also be a great refresher for advanced Phase I professionals"

 "Forums created a classroom environment that I really enjoyed."

"I really liked that you could move at your own pace during the course."

"It was very detailed, and a real practitioner’s guide."

 "The case study is an excellent wrap-up to the class."

"I like that the instructors held virtual office hours." 

 "I have taken many online courses in the past, this course was well structured."